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Customer Churn Because Of Webinar

Advanced customers had access to the premium webinar which must have been a mistake from our end, they are now used to getting them and since we have fixed the issue customers are churning : "Hi, I’m trying to watch the latest webinar but it’s saying I need to upgrade my account? I’m advanced user and it’s never been a problem in the past when they have been released. Could you give me more info please? 21h A Thanks Andy 21h Answer It appears that the latest webinar may be part of the exclusive content offered to VIP members, which includes weekly private webinars. If you are an advanced user and not a VIP member, this could be why you are being asked to upgrade your account to access the latest webinar. The VIP plan is the only one that explicitly mentions access to exclusive webinars, which are not available to other membership tiers. To continue accessing these webinars, you may consider upgrading to the VIP plan, which is available on an annual basis only and is designed for accredited investors or venture capitalists. It provides access to advanced tools, professional advice, and exclusive investment opportunities, including weekly private webinars. If you believe this to be an error or have further questions, you may want to reach out to Token Metrics customer support for clarification. They can provide specific details regarding your account and the access level for webinars. To apply for the VIP plan, you can visit the pricing page here: Token Metrics Pricing. Source VIP Plan Token Metrics Pricing Plan Comparison Improve answer Was that helpful? 21h That helped πŸ‘ Talk to a person πŸ‘€ A Talk to a person πŸ‘€ 21h β€’ Quick reply We just need a bit more information to connect you with the right person 21h The team will get back to you on this. Token Metrics typically replies in under 30m. 21h Hi Andrew, ​ Thank you for reaching out to Token Metrics. I'd be happy to assist with your concern. ​ The Premium Webinar should only be accessible for Plans Premium and VIP. The reason why you were given access previously is because of a system issue that was just recently fixed. ​ We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding. ​ Regards, Drich Seenβ€’ 18h A Hi Drich, This was the only reason I stayed with TM for the weekly webinar. Unfortunately ill be thinking of leaving if this is the case going forward

Andrew Barrass 29 days ago

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